We champion brand building.

A not-so-secret fact is that traditional brand tracking is really expensive (we’re talking upwards of hundreds of thousands) and built for enterprises, which makes it out of reach for challenger brands.

When companies do decide to invest in brand tracking, it’s often delivered in a 100-page report that sits gathering dust on someone’s desk (we all know the one!)

So, in 2021, we sat down with the world’s leading brand strategists and market researchers to find a way to make brand tracking better for the iconic companies of today and tomorrow.

Cue, Tracksuit.

Whether you’re a Marketer, Founder, CEO or a board member, we’ve built our dashboard to help you understand if what you’re doing is working.


Built for the brand legends

Tracksuit is the common language for companies to measure, understand and communicate the value of brand.

We see a world where brand marketers are elevated in their status and don’t need to spend so much time justifying themselves to skeptical stakeholders.

A world with less shitty ads.

Where imaginative, thoughtful and meaningful brand marketing is more commonplace than intrusive, irritating and ineffective promotion. And where ambitious brands have the tools to grow bigger and more sustainably.

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