"The beauty market is one of the most fascinating spaces in the direct-to-consumer realm. While product innovation, high-calibre company culture, and embracing operational best practice can all help a brand thrive, it’s their brand marketing strategy that distinguishes the beauty brands achieving jaw-dropping growth from the ones doing just okay. We contribute thought leadership pieces on this for Tracksuit."

Beautiful Sparks are a group of world-class beauty and fashion marketing strategists who understand how to combine time-tested frameworks with the latest digital trends. They were founded to help up-and-coming beauty and fashion brand founders master brand marketing and grow the business of their dreams.

Beautiful Sparks are a group of world-class beauty and fashion marketing strategists.

New Zealand


“We developed Tracksuit to fill a very clear gap: brand health and tracking insights for growing brands. I’m delighted that TRA is now able to provide these through Tracksuit. An added bonus is that Tracksuit insights work seamlessly and effectively with other research methodologies, meaning Tracksuit clients can get more value from their insights budget.”

TRA is an insight agency that combines understanding of human behaviour with intelligent data capability to help clients navigate uncertainty and answer complex problems. It does this by putting people at the heart of the organisations it works with through extensive use of research, analytics, strategy, culture and design. Previously Unavailable is difficult to confine to one box. Part innovation consultancy, part brand agency, part design firm, part venture studio, they bring together an uncommon range of disciplines to make magic happen, like co-creating Tracksuit.

Tracksuit is a radical joint venture by insights experts TRA and brand experts Previously Unavailable

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"Tracksuit is a tool that is extremely useful for us in helping communicate the value of investing in awareness for the future of a brand, not just getting immediate conversions. We love logging in to Tracksuit to ensure that our digital marketing efforts are not only converting well now, but also creating the future demand amongst our client's target audiences."

Pilot provide a human-centred approach to digital marketing, creating and implementing bespoke digital strategies that amplify the vision of a brand while reaching commercial objectives. They introduced Tracksuit to luxury fashion brand, Yu Mei, "who were investing a lot in their brand and building a community around them, but needed to understand how this was driving their business forward beyond just the metrics they had available to them through advertising and organic channels."

Pilot are brand-led digital marketing partners with a human-centred approach

New Zealand


“One of the key challenges for our advertising clients is affordable access to meaningful brand health data. Tracksuit is an innovative disruptor that delivers brand insights and transparency unlike anything else on the market. This attitude aligns perfectly with LUMO and was the key reason why we've partnered with the team at Tracksuit.”

LUMO is one of the world's most creative and innovative Digital Out-Of-Home companies. They are committed to true transparency and accountability and uphold this through their partnerships with LENS, Seedoh, and Tracksuit. LENS is a pioneer in audience accountability, providing real time traffic analytics and audience measurement. Seedooh provides independently verified campaign reports. Tracksuit provides their clients with the true return on their OOH investment across awareness funnel metrics, messaging updates, and brand associations.

LUMO are reimagining the world of out-of-home advertising with innovative billboard technology

New Zealand


"Allpress has always been a brand led coffee company. Until using Tracksuit we had no idea what impact our brand spend was having on awareness, consideration and preference in NZ & AU against our key competitors."

Allpress have been roasting specialty coffee for over three decades now. With a considered coffee range and a focus on consistency, the flavour of Allpress Espresso has become an icon, instantly recognisable in over 1500 independent cafes around the world. We're tracking Allpress' brand in NZ (where it all started), AU, and their newest market, the UK!

Building a global coffee brand on the pillars of people, flavour and innovation with Allpress



"We’re excited to use Tracksuit to measure brand performance and gain real-time insights into campaign effectiveness for channels that are notoriously difficult to measure."

Eucalyptus are building extraordinary digital healthcare experiences for patients



"Tracksuit has become a key tool for future brand planning and tracking of campaigns."

Good George exists to create better beer moments – encouraging drinkers to explore the awesome world of craft beers and cider, show them how best to enjoy it, and “have a bloody good time in the process”.

Creating better beer moments with Good George

New Zealand

Wine and Alcohol

“The platform is very user friendly, so it makes tracking awareness and consideration vs. our competitive set very easy to review.”

All Good are a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business that works with Fairtrade and organic growers to bring Kiwis ingredients and products they can trust. As a small business making a big difference in the world of FMCG, they’re a natural fit for our Tracksuit platform.

Bringing Kiwis ingredients and products they can trust with All Good

New Zealand


“It is helpful to understand how Simplicity is viewed by the public, and where the Simplicity brand sits compared to others in the industry”

Simplicity is New Zealand’s nonprofit fund manager, whose mission Is to make all Kiwis richer and smarter with money. And they’re well on their way – growing to over 60,000 members and $2.9 billion in funds. Simplicity is truly disrupting New Zealand’s financial services industry – and so it’s fitting that they were Tracksuit’s first ever client.

Helping Kiwis get richer with Simplicity

New Zealand

Financial Services

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