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An ‘always on’ brand tracking dashboard giving marketing teams a simple approach to tracking brand health.

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A better way to monitor brand health

The brand health
metrics that matter  

A best practice, always on market survey and digital brand performance scanning. Tracksuit delivers a minimum of 200 brand reads per month. 

Brand benchmarking 

Put your brand performance in context by  establishing how you compare to other  brands in the same industry at the same stage of the lifecycle. 

Real-time marketing insights 

Delivered via a digital brand health dashboard, with beautifully visualised, real time updates. 

What our clients say about us

“We’re a new brand that does things a bit differently – Tracksuit helps us understand how we’re viewed by the public, and where we sit compared to others”

Jennie O’Donovan
Head of Communications, Education and Marketing, Simplicity

“Tracksuit has become a key tool for future brand planning and tracking – it helps us understand how consumers are relating to our brand”

Damon Youdale
Brand Marketing and Product Innovation, Good George

"Tracksuit helps us focus our marketing budget and use it more effectively”

Jennie O’Donovan
Head of Communications, Education and Marketing, Simplicity

“Tracksuit has helped us really focus on what’s important from a marketing perspective. We love working with the Tracksuit team!”

Faye MacGregor
General Manager, All Good

Tracksuit provides real-time brand health metrics that help you to get market insights and answer fundamental business questions

How does your brand compare to industry benchmarks?

Benchmark against competitors’ key brand metrics and get valuable advice on what the numbers mean and what to do next.

How can you get insights on market segmentation?

Get deep insights of your customers by tracking their engagement with your brands and competitors. Identify your ideal customer attributes and target audiences that bring the best ROI. 

How is your brand health changing over time?

View brand health performance over a specified time period. See changes over time in brand awareness, consideration and preference across multiple platforms. Measure your brand ROI.

What do people associate your brand with?

A comprehensive view on topics associated with your brand. Stay on top of the conversation with your customers.

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