How FUNDAY uses Tracksuit to launch targeted marketing campaigns

May 1st, 2024

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Francesca Nicasio
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With most mainstream confectionery containing too much sugar and having sketchy nutritional value, people are increasingly looking for healthier options that don't compromise on taste.

FUNDAYOpens in new tab, a natural sweet brand based in Australia, is addressing this gap in the yummiest way possible. The brand was founded in 2020 by Daniel Kitay, a seasoned veteran in the food and supplements industry. Daniel had his own struggles with consuming too much sugar, so he decided to create a sweet, delicious product without any of the bad stuff.

FUNDAY's lollies use real food ingredients like tapioca starch and chicory root fibre to provide a naturally sweet flavor. The company doesn't use sugar or sugar alcohols, instead opting for the natural stevia leaf to enhance the flavor of its products. To top things off, FUNDAY's products have a 5-health-star rating, are gluten-free and they have a vegan option, so you can indulge without worrying about dietary restrictions.

They are operating in the highly competitive ‘Sugar confectionary’ sub-category under the broader umbrella of FMCG, which has a category penetration of 77% - that is, 15.4 million Australians that are actively buying sweets.

Carving a solid presence in the industry (with excellent shelf space to boot) 🛒 ✨

As a category, sweet snacks are incredibly competitive. But even in a saturated market, FUNDAY was still able to create a strong market presence by forging partnerships with retailers like Woolworths, Coles, Chemist Warehouse, Coles Express, Harris Farm, and Ampol.

This is a testament to the brand's innovative approach and the compelling value proposition of its products. Thanks to FUNDAY's accessibility, the company can help more consumers enjoy healthier snacking options without sacrificing flavor.

The anti "spray and pray" approach 🎯 🔍

FUNDAY's retail partnerships created a solid foundation, but Daniel and the team knew they still needed to increase brand awareness.

So, they turned to Tracksuit to understand their current brand awareness levels (relative to their key retail partnerships).

By examining specific geo and demographic segments, FUNDAY developed a targeted campaign geared towards those key audiences and locations. The team was extremely targeted in their approach and did an amazing job maximizing the impact of FUNDAY’s brand initiatives without breaking the bank.

Rather than spreading their budgets too thin, the team launched high-reach and high-frequency OOH formats combined with organic and paid social activity plus influencer partnerships. (Talk about truly integrated marketing! 👏)

"We knew that we needed to be pragmatic in our approach. Using the Tracksuit data helped give us a clear indication of where it made sense to push hardest," says Daniel.

This data-driven approach not only helped FUNDAY pinpoint and optimise the brand's key market segments, it also enhanced the company's ROI by allocating resources more effectively.

"It's interesting how many big marketing plays are based on no more than hunches, or a 'spray and pray' approach. Tracksuit allows us to set the strategy based on live data we monitor closely, facilitating these big bet test and learn cycles."

FUNDAY's funnel looks healthy at every stage 📈

The results of FUNDAY's ongoing campaigns are incredibly promising. In 2024 alone, the brand saw awareness increase by 6% in their target age demographic of 18 - 44 years. This is no small feat, well exceeding the brand growth benchmarks for the FMCG category. To put it in context, at the beginning of the year 540 thousand Australians were aware of FUNDAY, and by March this number had grown to 1 million.

Brand consideration and preference (harder metrics to move) are also seeing statistically significant uplifts, exemplifying an extremely healthy marketing funnel.

With such strong growth indicators, FUNDAY is well on its way to becoming an even stronger brand, so watch this space!

Better partner conversations 🤝

Aside from enabling FUNDAY to measure brand health, Tracksuit also helps the brand enrich partner conversations, particularly with new pharmaceutical clients who could offer more distribution channels.

Because Tracksuit presents the data in such a beautiful and intuitive way, it's easy for Daniel to add visuals to the slides he uses with suppliers that demonstrate how FUNDAY converts consideration to preference more effectively than his competitive set, and by extension can help build loyalty & more footfall for the retailers in question.

We are beyond inspired to learn from incredible brand builders like Daniel KitayOpens in new tab, and we thank him for contributing to this article.

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