Case study: How Eucalyptus uses Tracksuit to see their brands grow in real time

April 1st, 2022

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Case study: How Eucalyptus uses Tracksuit to see their brands grow in real time

EucalyptusOpens in new tab is on a mission to enable people to live longer, healthier lives through being able to access affordable, quality healthcare when they need it. 

Eucalyptus is excelling in building digital healthcare brands that service a variety of patient demographics. One of the key players behind their stellar marketing is Matt Rossi, Head of Brand Marketing at Eucalyptus. Matt has an impressive background in branding, having worked as Head of Creative at Kóala and Head of Brand Marketing at Canva before joining the Eucalyptus team. 

With Matt at the helm, Eucalyptus is becoming known for clever marketing moves that are propelling Eucalyptus offerings into the spotlight. For example, their skincare brand Software has increased its market awareness in the last quarter by 1.9%, and surpassed two challenger brands in the process. At today's market size, that's an extra 296,400 who have become aware of Software.

As the Eucalyptus brand grew so did the need to measure results – which is where Tracksuit arrived onto the scene.

“Is what we’re doing working?” 

Before Tracksuit, Eucalyptus wasn’t tracking their brand-building efforts. Matt takes the view that early-stage brands should focus on getting up and running first of all.

“I believe early-stage brands should be looking to drive some sort of action with all layers of their marketing. So [before Tracksuit] we would mostly look for behavioral results like site traffic, consults and orders as a result of brand activity.”

But all growing brands reach a point where brand tracking becomes essential. “This approach obviously doesn't give you a sense of how your brand is being received or what your top-of-funnel awareness and consideration performance looks like, relative to competitors. These metrics are often leading indicators of downstream behavioral outcomes, so are just as important to track,” Matt says.

Brand tracking is a priority for Matt as it’s a way of answering the perennial question, “is what we’re doing working?” When the time came to start monitoring brand performance across Pilot and Software, Tracksuit was a natural fit, supplying Matt and his team with an effective tool for tracking and measuring the success of their work.

“I was impressed by Tracksuit’s “always-on” approach to brand tracking,” Matt says. “With surveys constantly in-market and live dashboards that enable you to slice data in multiple ways, you can extract real-time insights to help measure the success of marketing interventions, or inform focus areas to hone activity for future campaigns.”

Software has gone from strength to strength, nearly doubling market awareness in the last quarter and surpassing two challenger brands in the process.

Hit refresh for results

It didn’t take long before Matt was using Tracksuit's real-time insights to make decisions – and see the impacts of those decisions. 

“Being able to slice our brand data by geo, demographic and stage of the funnel means we can see where there’s clear space or where we’re losing ground. We’ve made several programming, channel and messaging decisions based on this data and then refreshed Tracksuit (far too often I’m told) to validate the activity,” Matt says. 

The data tells us, 11% of respondents in the skincare market agree that Software customizes its formulas specifically for them. In a highly competitive market, winning on key value propositions (like this one) is an excellent measure of strong brand health.

Brand salience, the degree to which someone associates a brand with particular attributes, has been instrumental to Software's success and one of the key measures Matt has tapped into in Tracksuit. “We have made a conscious effort to double down on the “customized” and “medical convenience” pillars of the brand. It’s been pleasing to see the strength in association with 'customisation', 'convenience' and 'efficacy',” he says.

Tracksuit has given Matt a real-time view of Pilot and Software’s growth as they have gone from strength to strength.  The other three brands in the Eucalyptus family are expected to see similar growth, with  fertility brand Kin gaining traction with an impactful campaign calling upon businesses to revise their leave policies to better reflect the time it takes for women to recover from a miscarriage. It has garnered the support of 77 companies at the time of writing, who are all now supporting at least 10 days of paid miscarriage leave.

As Eucalyptus continues to grow, Tracksuit will play a part in helping them understand and measure their brand growth, so they can continue to dream, build and run healthcare companies of the future.


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