How The Contenders embedding Tracksuit into to agency processes is unlocking client growth

May 14th, 2024

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Hannah Murphy
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We spoke to our agency pal Toby Philips, Associate Strategy Director at The Contenders to find out exactly how he uses Tracksuit for his clients.

  • Tracksuit offers a clear view of how strategy is working in market, enabling The Contenders to be more fluid and proactive.
  • Keeping an eye on movement in performance across the funnel on a monthly basis and offering quarterly performance reviews is a sure fire way to unlock potential for clients.
  • Market dynamics and Tracksuit data can be used to shift marketing communication priorities and guide brands to greater success.

What role does Tracksuit play in The Contenders approach to brand performance management?

Tracksuit has opened up new avenues for us to help drive brand performance for our clients through accessible brand tracking. We take the active view of how brands are performing in key metrics, then correlate the data with other insights; from macro trends and competitor movements to company priorities and customer needs. It’s a way for us to connect the dots and collaborate more with our clients..

Tell us about how you use Tracksuit to unlock growth opportunities and/or guide strategy for your clients?

We get a clearer view of how strategy is working in market. It allows us to be more fluid and proactive when we need to be. We see the opportunity to use it for both short-term tracking (such as campaign effectiveness), and long term brand building (such as positioning assimilation). We can get an idea of what’s working and what’s not working. This allows us to identify where our client’s need to make adjustments in market before it’s too late.

For example, we discovered a client's brand wasn't perceived as affordable enough, despite various value mechanics they had available. We helped them highlight value for money more explicitly and consistently at a time where household budgets are being tightened.

How often are you getting into the dashboard to review the data? And what sort of insights are you looking for?

We keep an eye on the dashboard monthly, then unpack insights and opportunities every 2-3 months. We’re looking out for movement in performance across the funnel, but more so drawing conclusions as to why increases or drops might be happening. The ‘Statements’ function particularly helps with this. We also love being able to cut the data between the funnel and our customer profile.

For example, we've seen upticks in funnel measurements for geographic locations where certain targeted-campaigns have been run. This directly helps our clients see a return-on-investment and take those learnings to future campaigns.

What sort of processes and reporting cadence do you have with your clients?

We often have various projects running with our clients so we can informally check-in, but we have formal response workshops quarterly. Ahead of the sessions we dig into the platform and run correlations with other factors to uncover the most helpful insights. This allows us to spend the time together interrogating the findings deeply and identifying some practical steps for them to take, and where we can help further. Building Tracksuit into our processes ensures that we're acting as a true brand partner to our clients, not just an executional vendor.

Tell us about some of the outcomes you’re seeing from taking this approach and using Tracksuit for your clients.

We’ve seen marketing communication priorities shift for our clients based on a combination of Tracksuit data and market dynamics. Beyond comms, our clients have looked at promotion and pricing mechanics. Value is a really important element for all clients, especially at this time in Australia. This is highlighted in retail and we have seen how one client in particular has realised they need to double down on this and be super consistent about speaking to value at every touchpoint. Along with other factors at play, we’re seeing positive results in key metrics as a result of these recommendations. Above anything it’s illustrating the importance of brand performance on business success. 

Huge thanks to Toby for sharing all your juicy insights with us!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to embed Tracksuit into your agency process, book a chat with one of Partner Managers.


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