Case study: Cheers! How Good George is using Tracksuit to win in a crowded category

Good George exists to create better beer moments – encouraging drinkers to explore the awesome world of craft beers and cider, show them how best to enjoy it, and “have a bloody good time in the process”. 

Damon Youdale, who looks after Brand Marketing and Product Innovation for Good George, says brand tracking is a priority for Good  George because "change is happening faster than ever before, so we need to have our finger on the pulse".

Because Good  George is operating in a crowded category, with huge competition from local and international brands, Damon knows how important brand tracking insights are: "we have to understand our consumers and our brand."

Understanding customers and brand association

To understand your customers - and how they feel about your brand, you need the right tools. For Damon, Tracksuit was a natural choice. "It enables us to have a better understanding of how consumers are relating to our brand", he says.

And Tracksuit's insights show Good George have successfully cut through the noise and built strong sentiment across their market. Their insights show people, across all stages of the buying decision-making process, are associating Good George with unique traits like “Hamilton”, functional recall such as “Good Beer” and “Cider”, and emotional attributes like “Fun”, “Reliable”, “Quality” and “Delicious”.   To put it simply; their messaging is cutting through. 

By coupling these associations with Tracksuit's brand funnel insights, Damon has been able to identify "the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and are looking to make changes to further improve."

“Tracksuit has become a key tool for future brand planning and tracking of campaigns"

Using Tracksuit for strategy

Good George has also leveraged Tracksuit's regional insights to identify regions in New Zealand that need extra focus, but, and this is cool - they've also taken this information to customers and suppliers - "it's a great tool to share with our customers to show the scale of the brand".

Being able to show funnel metrics, such as preference, in particular regions can be a game changer when fighting for shelf space with retailers, or pitching to local pubs and bars.  We'd love to show you how your brand could do the same.

Book a demo with a member of our team today. 

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