Here's how Lumo uses Brand tracking to help their clients

Why brand health matters 

A strong brand is a bit like irony. We instinctively recognise it when we see it, but actually defining what makes it so can be a challenge.

Because just like irony, great branding is instinctive. As every business owner knows, it’s far more than the sum of the parts we can see on a webpage or a press kit. 

So, what is it that makes a brand stand the test of time (and increasingly fickle consumers)?

Spoiler: It’s not your conversion rate or customer acquisition costs.

These are handy metrics that give you a good snapshot of where your business is at. But they don’t capture what consumers think and feel about your brand - or how to cultivate future demand.

Yep, it’s the ‘touchy feely’ stuff that holds the key to building repeat business and standing out from the crowd. But brand perception is also one of the most elusive insights. 

Short of surveying everyone who has contact with your brand, it’s almost impossible to know what consumers think of your value proposition. This is why almost no one except the Fortune 500 club has access to a regular WoF on how their brand is really performing.

Enter Tracksuit. The intelligent brand health tracking solution for both established and emerging companies. 

What is Tracksuit? 

At Tracksuit, we understand that brand health is a marathon, not a sprint. To put yourself in first place for the long haul, you need the right tools (and of course, the right apparel).

Tracksuit makes all the difference to a business’s ability to understand its own position in an always-evolving marketplace. We put all those burning questions about audience perception and brand reach into a survey that goes out to a broad variety of consumer categories every week, such as:

  • How aware is my target audience about my brand?
  • Is my target audience actively considering me as a vendor?
  • What feelings do consumers associate my brand with?
  • How does my brand messaging compare with that of my competitors?

We dress up the answers in a neat, intuitive dashboard that enables your brand to take action with laser-focused marketing initiatives. 

Raw numbers on an analytics dashboard can’t tell you how deeply your brand values resonate with your target customer, or whether a competitor is doing better at being ‘you’ than you are.

But with Tracksuit, you get access to all of these insights - and more. We’ve taken the old science of brand tracking and removed the unreachable price tag, allowing every business to take a long-term approach to brand planning that maximises ROI.

Lumo Digital X Tracksuit: The next generation of tech-driven marketing 

Understanding why and how consumers discover and come to trust one provider over another isn’t just about increasing conversions; it’s the key to shaping consumer perceptions and actions towards your brand. 

This is why detailed, real-time brand tracking is essential for any media company that wants to drive long-term value for clients - not to mention their own efforts to increase market share.

It was the importance of these capabilities that led pioneering out of home media provider LUMO Digital to team up with Tracksuit, offering LUMO clients the ability to access in-depth insights on digital campaign performance and brand positioning at a generously discounted rate: 

One of the key challenges for our advertising clients is affordable access to meaningful brand health data. Tracksuit is an innovative disruptor that delivers brand insights and transparency unlike anything else on the market. This attitude aligns perfectly with LUMO and was the key reason why we agreed to partner with the team at Tracksuit.” Says Hamish Smith, CMO at LUMO. 

With the power of Tracksuit’s intuitive dashboard, LUMO customers can see in real-time how their premium billboards are performing with their consumer segment across the brand awareness, consideration, and preference funnels. This opens the way for smarter marketing - and with it, higher demand for sustainable growth.

A recent beneficiary of this initiative is Jack Daniels, who has just signed up for a full year of access to Tracksuit through the Lumo x Tracksuit partnership, enabling them to maximise their investment in out of home advertising:

“The Tracksuit solution provides a 12-month rolling survey that will give valuable insights to the effect their marketing activity is having on several factors related to brand health.” Says Smith. “It can also include comparisons to important competitor brands and will ultimately allow LUMO advertising clients the ability to measure past activity and better adapt new strategies to continually improve their brand health outcomes.”

The power of disruptive partnerships 

Successful partnerships aren’t just about best-in-class services. It’s also about bringing together like-minded companies who are pushing the envelope to achieve smarter, better outcomes not just for clients, but also for the media industry as a whole.

“As two relatively young, disruptive companies, Tracksuit and Lumo are completely aligned on using data to illustrate the returns on marketing to build stronger brands.” Says Connor Archbold, Director of Tracksuit. “We're building a new way for all companies to measure, understand and communicate brand health. We're super excited to partner with Lumo to help their clients easily track the impacts of their OOH campaigns on brand awareness, consideration, and preference.”

As brand health tracking becomes an increasingly important tool in the marketing arsenal, media companies must be prepared to meet customer demand. By partnering with Tracksuit, you can strengthen your value proposition while challenging the outdated status quo of brand management.

Contact Tracksuit to find out how we can help you to deliver on-the-pulse brand insights to your customers.

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