Bringing Kiwis ingredients and products they can trust with All Good

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All Good are a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business that works with Fairtrade and organic growers to bring Kiwis ingredients and products they can trust. As a small business making a big difference in the world of FMCG, they’re a natural fit for our Tracksuit platform.

We asked All Goods General Manager, Faye MacGregor, how it’s all working out:

Why is brand tracking a priority for All Good?

As a brand with small budgets, we were often challenged to find budget to support measuring brand health. However, understanding our consumers is of high importance to us, as our sales and marketing strategies are focused on a data driven approach.

What have you changed as a result of using Tracksuit?

Previously we’d invested in a quarterly brand tracker. We found it really effective in terms of measuring top line brand health metrics, but due to the quarterly approach, it was harder to understand the impact of media and tactical marketing activity on a monthly basis.

The Tracksuit team have been a huge support to us as we embarked on our journey with them. They have helped us identify the key metrics we should be tracking. This alone has helped us really focus on what’s important from a marketing and media perspective. Now that we have our objectives set, we will be using the data to measure our marketing activity. The key data from Tracksuit is presented to everyone in the All Good team, as it’s important they are across this information and provides them with data when talking to customers.

How has Tracksuit impacted your marketing or brand strategy?

The beauty of Tracksuit is there are so many ways we can cut the data to understand what is going on in the categories we play in. The platform is very user friendly, so it makes tracking awareness and consideration vs. our competitive set very easy to review.

Tracksuit has helped us reassess our strategy in terms of simplifying our approach, and focusing on activity that will shift the dial on the key brand health metrics we are tracking.

We love working with the Tracksuit team! They have been nothing but supportive and incredibly helpful, guiding us through the platform. The business is very excited to continue working with Tracksuit and continue to deliver insights driven sales and marketing strategies

“The platform is very user friendly, so it makes tracking awareness and consideration vs. our competitive set very easy to review.”
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