Why brand is Yu Mei's most valuable accessory

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Sales are easy enough to measure; brand is a different story. Yu Mei’s team know that in order to make sure there is demand for their product in Australia, they need to track the brand.

Jessie Wong, Founder of Yu Mei, has been using Tracksuit understand where they stand in  their market:

“We’ve spent a lot of time unpicking our brand and the proposition we’re taking into the market. Building brand is a big investment so it was important for us to find a tool with which we could track and measure our success and progress, over time – especially in a new market where we started from scratch. Tracksuit makes everything more tangible. We're able to measure brand health in one dashboard.”

These insights allow the team at Yu Mei to make smart decisions about the brand’s next steps.

“Tracksuit’s metrics are one of our key KPIs that impact our decision to open stores in a particular region. We will also take the data back to our wholesaler accounts and buyers and show them progress to help shape meaningful conversations,” says Jessie.

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